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HiraganaNinja interview with Eleonora san in Milan! (YouTube)


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2017/8/14 Updated post "Yummy! 12 Sushi items (Kanji)"new
2017/8/13 Added new post "ニンジャくんの1日 A Day of Ninja-kun (Comic)"
2017/8/6 Added new post あしたはたぶん雨でしょう。probably,maybe,possibly new
2017/8/1 Added new post "あなたの国はどれですか?Which is your country?"new
2016/11/27 Added new post "Elements and Metals in Japanese".
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2016/10/22 Added All-posts page of Japanese learning.
2016/7/29 One-week HiraganaNinja Shop will be opened at Kagurazaka Plus (神楽坂+).
2016/6/26 Added "Ask somebody the way" (Chinese translation)
2016/6/25 Updated Japanese Test "Hiragana Test", "Grammar Test",...etc
2016/6/23 Updated post "Tokyo Travel map", "Japanese onomatopeia"
2016/6/20 Updated post "Kore Sore Are Dore - This & That"
2016/6/19 Updated post "Charging, Eating, Working in Japanese"
2016/6/18 Added new post "Ask somebody the way in Japanese"


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