10 popular Japanese Sushi items

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10 popular Japanese Sushi   In the world Sushi(寿司) is one of the most popular Japanese cuisines called Washoku(和食) . UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) decided to register “Washoku” (traditional Japanese cuisine) as an Intangible Cultural Heritage on December 4, 2013. We Japanese people don’t eat sushi so much in Japan than you expected. I […]


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東京観光地図 TOKYO TRAVEL MAP   TOKYO TRAVEL MAP 東京観光地図   Tokyo 東京 is the biggest city of Japan and the center of business, politics and culture. When you travel Japan from overseas, it is better to use train or subway for sightseeing because, in general, Japan has towns near the train station. And Japan trains […]

たべもの & りょうり

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日本食(和食) | Japanese Food Japanese cuisine is called 日本食 nihonshoku or 和食 washoku. Japan is an island country and has long food history.  A rice is the center of cuisine and always on the table, and fish or meat is the main dish. Old generation tend to like fish and young one like meat (chicken, […]