When you say I love you in Japanese

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When you say “I love you!” in Japanese

When you say I love you in Japanese, you can say “Aishiteru” or “Daisuki”.

愛 ai is the kanji character which means “love” and 愛してる aishiteru is the verb form.

好きsuki means “I like you”, not “I love you”. When you add 大 dai like 大好き daisuki, it means “I like you very much”



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愛してる aishiteru / I love you

大好き daisuki / I like you very much

好き suki / I like you

ふつう futsuu / Ok..

嫌い kirai / I don’t like you.

大嫌い daikirai / i hate you

死ね shine / die!


単語 Words

愛 ai – love (noun)

愛してる – love (verb)

好き suki – like (adjective)

嫌い kirai – dont like (adj)

死ぬ shinu – die (verb)

大〜 dai ~ – ~ very much

ふつう futsuu – ok, regular, normal


例文 Example

かれを あいしてるわ。

I love him.

キティちゃんが だいすき

I love Kitty chan.


I hate you! Die!


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